A counselor speaking with her patient


The Wellness Connection is a community collaborative to improve access to behavioral health services.

Working together has shown to be the most efficient and effective way to provide care and The Wellness Connection brings together mental and physical health care providers to build a wellness-based future for Pinellas County residents.

Through on-site and virtual collaboration between behavioral health treatment providers, local acute care receiving facilities, community primary care providers, homeless providers, NAMI, law enforcement, educational institutions, and the faith-based community, Pinellas County can ultimately create and sustain a seamless integrated behavioral health care system, where individuals can receive appropriate, timely, and quality behavioral health care. The Wellness Connection serves as a single point of entry and virtual hub linking the spokes of the ambulatory community network through a “no wrong door” approach to screening and assessment. Case management, care coordination, and outpatient services will assure rapid linkage and connectivity.

Goal & Objectives

The goal of The Wellness Connection is to improve access to appropriate behavioral health treatment resources and to decrease the utilization of hospital emergency departments, jails, prisons, and homeless programs due to behavioral health emergencies.


Guiding Principles

The guiding principles of The Wellness Connection align with a recovery-oriented system of care approach that is integral and evident in service delivery that includes:

Our Providers

See a list of our care providers and their services here.